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Kendra Bennett

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: LN10

Artist bio:

“Bringing Life to a seemingly simple item with just the use of an xacto knife “

The first comment I hear from people when they look at my art is “You must be a very patient person”. Well, not really. Every person has that one thing they love to do. Mine is to escape into a piece of flat paper and make it come alive.

Trees have a story, in the winter they cannot hide behind their leaves. You can always tell what kind of life a tree has had; how many hurricanes it endured. Did it have to stretch to find the sun?

The best part of my day is sitting on the veranda (aka my carport) with my husband and my 2 sidekicks Bandit (he's an 11 lb. “Chug” chi-pug) and Ginger (she's a 12lb “Chin” chi-minpin ) watching the cardinals that have decided to take up rent in the trees of my back yard.
Cutting paper to me is just like anyone who paints; I simply have a different tool. I usually start in a bottom corner and work my way out from there. Nothing special just recreating the branches; sea oats; the heron that race me across the Mobile Delta and the birds that play in my back yard.

Artist Statement: Each piece is hand carved from a single sheet of black paper simply using an xacto knife. Leaving a border I then float the piece between glass. Bringing the negative space to life.
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