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ken swanson

Medium: Printmaking

Booth #: GS53

Artist bio: My art making began in 1986 when I found I was not able to add to my print collection for a while. My finances were tight...my desire to continue collecting great. Hoping that my experience as a whittler when I was a kid was easily transferred to making woodcuts, I began this 33 year journey. I soon discovered that linoleum lent itself better to the kind of image I wanted to make. So after three years of self-directed learning and practice, I thought I was ready and sold my first print at a small fair in Milwaukee in 1989. I was hooked.From that small beginning I have participated in over 650 art fairs and exhibitions and have made art making my full time occupation since 1992. I enjoy the travel and being able to learn about the places I visit and about the people who are interested in my images, and to tell my stories to willing listeners. For me the whole experience of printmaking has been so much more than just mark making.

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