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kim eubank

Medium: Painting

Booth #: LN18C

Original oil painting on wooden panel framed in hand fabricated aluminum multiple layers of oil paint are applied with wedges, spatulas and brushes. I carve into the layers with a scribe to create texture and depth. My imagery is informed by my experience as a woman who must co-exist in today’s modern world. Relationships with others as well as the environment create beautiful harmony and uneven discord, affecting all the senses.

I’m enjoying painting figurative works that tell an open ended story, where the viewer brings their own interpretation from life to the piece. I hope that you, the viewer, will observe my paintings as a story unfolding. Where you are in life will reflect what you see. Think of my pieces as Holden Caulfieldsque- they will not change over time, yet you will interpret them differently as you grow through your life.

Creating works over the last 30 years in the mediums of jewelry, enamel, glass, metalwork and printmaking have all influenced this current body of work. Thank you all for supporting me as an evolving artist who loves experimenting with different materials.

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