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kina crow

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: GN32C

Artist bio: Ms. Crow’s art career began in Culver City, CA in 1968 at the age of six. Her first masterpiece was an extremely large abstract drawing rendered in ball point pen on the walls of her home. Unfortunately for the artist, this execution was not well received, her mother called it scribbling and forced her to spend the next 2 days scrubbing it off with a bottle of ammonia and a Brillo pad. In an earnest effort to be the good girl that her generation had taught her to be, she withdrew from such public displays of her work and would only indulge the urge to visually express her chatty mind in private.When she was a teenager, her father, a B-movie character actor found a place for her to utilize her creativity in the wardrobe departments of film and television. She would go on to spend over 25 years helping actors to create their characters with costume. As she grew older, the incessant call of her unorganized mind, pleading for expression, convinced her that propriety was an unnecessary and exhaustive effort. The child in her mind who had been waiting for 30 years, patiently planning an escape from this long “time out,” cleverly forced her to begin creating her own characters and speaking her truth. She abandoned the glamour of the film industry in 2004 and returned to the public eye with her art. A self-taught, self indulgent, self-absorbed and self-deprecating artist, now living and working in Pittsburgh, PA, Ms. Crow now travels the country like a gypsy, displaying her scribbles and stories at some of the countries best outdoor art festivals and fine craft shows. So far she has not been asked to remove anything from her walls, but it’s probably just a matter of time.

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