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Kristin Gruenberger

Medium: Ceramics

Booth #: GN50

Artist bio: Working in clay allows my hands to move freely, creating a passage to illustrate emotion. I approach my ceramic forms and surfaces with a playful exploration of altering, texturing, carving, and glazing techniques. Whimsical imagery is freehandedly carved into the surface of a wheel thrown pot using an inlay technique. Hand painted under glaze accents highlight the illustrative design, creating a narrative that is reminiscent of a storybook. Clay vessels are a blank page, awaiting the illustrative carved ‘doodle’. The ceramic form is also a foundation to inlay texture, poke and prod to alter basic form and to introduce a sense of play with colorful glazes and stains. Each piece begins as a basic recognizable form of function and shifts into an object of curiosity, evoking that sense of childlike wonderment. My forms shape and shift into objects that take on a personality of their own and deliver an experience of joy as they are used in daily life.

Artist Statement:I approach my wheel thrown ceramic forms and porcelain surfaces with a playful exploration of altering, texturing, carving, inlay and glazing techniques.
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