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kyle osvog

Medium: Ceramic

Booth #: LS2

Artist bio: I consider myself very fortunate to have been born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My formative years were nurtured by family, educators, and a community that valued creative thinking and artistic expression.My love of clay began when I took a sculpture class on a whim.My career in clay began 18 months later when I began an apprenticeship with a local potter. Three dollars an hour and all the clay I could use.Working for that studio gave me the opportunity to have my hands in clay every day, develop my voice as an artist, and learn the business of a working studio. An education I couldn't have earned any other way.That first summer, (1985) my mentor let me put some of my crude pots on a shelf in his booth at a local art fair. Some of my pieces sold. They were horrible in retrospect, but I was hooked. I've been a full time artist ever since.My path and education before clay were leading toward a career in architecture or engineering. Geometry and spatial relationships are crucial in both those fields, and it's natural for them to be prevalent themes in my work. Plus, it's just kind of how my brain works.

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