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louise valentine and brian provencher

Medium: Fiber

Booth #: GN7

Artist bio: The Japanese method of shibori resist dyeing allows us to explore the relationship between colour and texture when creating a soft sculpture of wearable art, bringing a contemporary look to this ancient art form. Taking the silk through various manipulations and dye processes, designs are created when the silk is bound tightly using string and a variety of knots and pleats to achieve luxurious and unique results.The silk is first hand painted, folded, pole wrapped and discharged of its original color before it is immersed into the final dye bath. This procedure can be repeated numerous times effecting a “crosshatch” pleat or color pattern. At times we incorporate a devore technique to etch an original design onto fabric composed of silk and rayon. A husband and wife team, Louise is the designer and dyer while her husband Brian does all of the shibori pleating and technical work. They live on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

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