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Luis Gonzalez

Medium: Wood

Booth #: GN21C

Artist bio: A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Luis was inspired from an early age by his father’s dedication to working with hand tools and fixing complex industrial machines. As a young adult, he became enamored with the shapes and natural properties found in a variety of woods, and began to seek out opportunities to develop his artisan craftsmanship skills. As he developed experience in the areas of wood turning and carving, Luis started to transform his passion into his life’s purpose. After mastering a combination of expert sculpting techniques, Luis now shares his creative talents with others through exquisite wood creations that bring pleasure into everyday life. advanced in the artisan skills of wood turning and carving, Luis started to transform this passion. After mastering a combination of techniques, Luis now spends his creative talents to produce unique artful objects that bring pleasure to everyday life.
In 2003, Luis relocated from Columbia to Miami, Florida, and decided it was time to utilize his wood-working skills to create high-quality works of art that were truly one of a kind. With support and financial assistance from his family, Luis began working toward his goal with intense focus, and he invested in professional tools, materials, and a dedicated workshop for his new artistic journey. He soon discovered that South Florida provided a vast resource for the acquisition of raw materials to repurpose, and began to use this as a foundation for his creations. As a 100% lover of nature and the great outdoors, Luis is proud to use all-natural salvaged woods for his sculptures, providing unique, sustainable, and environmentally friendly works of art that offer simple artistic joy and beauty to the beholder.

Since 2006, Luis has continued to see his hard work and determination come to fruition as his pieces are selected for display at leading juried art exhibitions throughout the United States.

Artist Statement: Using different types of salvaged hardwoods and Utilizing a variety of wood sculpting methods I create unique colorful objects of organic forms. I hand carve the final expressive details and use a variety of painting techniques to finish the pieces with several layers of clear lacquer.

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