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marc anderson

Medium: Painting

Booth #: Coming Soon

Marc Anderson was born and raised in the small, rural town of Wild Rose, Wisconsin. He and his three brothers spent the majority of their youth exploring the Wisconsin countryside, which fostered a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a kinship with the natural world.

Marc developed an aptitude for drawing and painting early in his life and pursued a degree in illustration at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. While attending Stout, he began working for a handful of regional and national publications on a freelance basis. He followed this career trajectory for several years until—almost by accident—he discovered the mysterious world of plein air painting. With this newfound passion, Marc said goodbye to the drafting table in favor of the outdoors he had grown up in. Marc has continued to hone his craft as a representational painter while keeping active with plein air events, gallery shows, and art fairs across the country. In 2019, Marc opened the M. Anderson Studio & Fine Art Gallery in Wauwatosa, WI, which showcases a variety of artists’ work and offers a space to conduct workshops. It is also home to Marc’s studio.

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