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mark sudduth

Medium: Glass

Booth #: GN9

The desire for people to make something with their own hands is as old as time, but when certain individuals have the innate ability to create beautiful works of art with theirs, the concept takes on a whole new meaning.

Mark Sudduth’s exceptional hand-blown and sculptural glass takes “working with your hands” to a whole new level.

“The entire process of concept, design and execution in the hot and cold shop is my responsibility. I’ve built much of my own equipment. I melt my own glass. I blow it as well as cut, grind, engrave and polish it. All of this puts me in very close proximity with my work.”

“Since 1983, I have operated a full-time studio for my work and have made my passion into my livelihood. The ability to manipulate glass and achieve a desired result has taken a great deal of time and effort, yet it still holds the mystique it did when I first started.”

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