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Matthew Hemminghaus

Medium: Photography

Booth #: GS29

Artist bio: I moved to a farm in NE Missouri 15 years ago as a change of pace and an attempt to survive in the country. As a long time lover of the natural world, caring for the land came naturally to me. Getting chickens and planting a large vegetable garden were pretty high on my to do list, and got them shortly after I moved here. I thought that having eggs as a food source would great, not knowing that they would become my photography subjects, which happened several years later. I breed my chickens for uniqueness above everything else, and photograph the birds which stand out among the crowd. I construct miniature sets in my studio on a large table top from random objects that come into my life, and usually finish of the compositions with natural materials….ie, moss from the forest, seed pods, grass turf from my lawn. As a trained painter, I construct the compositions of the sets in an attempt for find a real balance and having a “mark” where I plan for the chicken to be standing. The sets are then lit with multiple light sources, and the photoshoot begins after dark once the birds have gone to roost. I have found them to be much more cooperative this way (but still wouldn’t call it easy). I take many exposures to figure out what is working and what isn’t until I settle on one that I consider print worthy. The numbered edition prints are framed using reclaimed lumber from buildings that get demolished in my area.

Artist Statement: I construct miniature sets in my studio from found objects and natural materials in which i place and photograph my chickens.

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