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mckenzie fisk

Medium: Painting

Booth #: GN27

Artist bio: I always knew I wanted to be an artist. As a child, it was my automatic answer everytime an adult asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I was quite sure ofit.But life does funny things to even the firmest convictions. Turning away from mypassion because people around me regarded art as “less intellectual”, I elected todevelop my more marketable scientific skills. I have a double BA, one in Microbiologyand the other in Fine Art, with a minor in Chemistry. I when went on to complete aMaster of Science in Physiology at Columbia University in NYC. So, I was definitely ona path, and, as a scientist, I knew I would at least have food on my table. But I alwaysfelt I was guiding myself in the wrong direction. I knew I wanted to do something morecreative with my life.After a year of intense planning in NYC, I launched my own art-unrelated company.After that year, and while running a successful business, I suddenly found myself withextra cash and free time. So I painted. A lot.During this time I learned that art is just as intellectual as any other discipline. I get tosatisfy my inner geek on the daily by listening to science or history podcasts, books ontape, or anything I care to learn about while I paint. I even sometimes base my work onscientific studies, things I find useful to remember, or other things I find interesting that Ilearn in the midst of working.And then I realized I have a power even greater than I could have imagined: peoplewere paying as much attention to the stories behind my pieces as they were to theaesthetics of each painting. So, finally, I sold my company, moved to California, and wasable to turn wholeheartedly to art. And I am far happier now than I ever was.

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