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Megan Rohr

Medium: Emerging Iowa Artist

Booth #: EIA3

Artist bio: My name is Megan Rohr and I am a 22 year old graduate from Central College. I am going to be a first year K-12 art teacher in Moravia. During my years at Central I fell in love with both 2D and 3D art. I love to paint and draw just as much as I love ceramics and glassblowing. During a summer internship with Central, I had the chance to explore the artistic uses of the laser engraver. I have created both 2D and 3D artwork with the engraver, but some of my most successful work has been my engraved glass panels. I engraved layered images with text to express the idea of our phone screens. I use multiple panels of glass, stacked together or spaced intermittently apart, to illustrate the multilayered and complex issues that are rendering or swirling unbeknownst behind our screens. The multiple panels of text represent the clouds of data collected from our devices and also consumed by us in our pursuit to become lost in our scrolling of social media. The figures interacting with their phones show our daily routines of being tethered to and held captive by the addictive and distracting apps that have become a part of our life.

Artist Statement: I use glass panels inscribed with images and text to express the idea of our phone screens. The text and images have been engraved onto the glass through a process of editing my own photos and using a laser engraver. The panels are stacked together or spaced intermittently apart on a wood stand.
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