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pam caidin

Medium: Jewerly

Booth #: GS9

Artist bio: Pam Caidin was born in New York, and grew up on Long Island, daughter of a mother who was a biologist, and a father who was a science writer, of both fiction and non-fiction. She was also influenced by her seamstress grandmother who worked with her hands. She attributes her choice of metalsmithing to both the creative and science-based leanings of her background, as metalsmithing is full of exacting techniques that require a piece to be engineered from beginning to end.Pam's first degree was in Forestry and Land Surveying from a small school, Paul Smiths' College, deep in the wilderness of the Adirondacks mountains in upstate New York. She came to metalsmithing in a very roundabout way. Working as the head surveyor of an underground gold mine in Silverton, Colorado, in the early 80s, she starting to make jewelry by setting cabochons stones cut from gold ore that had been stolen by the miners. This definitely sparked a new passion for her, and she went back to school for a BFA in Metalsmithing at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.Since then, she has been involved in the art world, as a jeweler and working in galleries, and has been making jewelry full time for almost 2 decades. Her first incarnation as a forester can be seen in her work in the use of patterns found in nature.After a series of moves, Pam recently moved back to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place she has always loved after living there for too short a period of time, several decades ago.

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