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Penny Dobson

Medium: Mixed Media

Booth #: GS30

Artist bio: I have known I was an artist since I was 10. I knew
I wanted to have a career in art, but didn’t know it
would be in teaching it to high school students
until I was 14. My art teacher in the 9th grade
inspired me to want to teach. I recently retired from
teaching, moved to Alabama, and now get to be a
full time artist.

I’ve been making art and taking it to art shows for
almost 24 years now. I am considered a mixed
media artist because I don’t use just one medium.
I always use oils, however. I also use seed beads,
gold leaf, alcohol ink, and handmade papers.

I paint only animals, flowers, and birds because this
is what I would want to hang in my house. One day,
I plan to focus on landscapes as well. What I paint is
determined by my frame or object I am going to paint
on. If it is a large frame, I paint flowers. I leave the
beading to smaller items and frames.

A few years ago, I found a twin bell alarm clock in an
antique mall, and thought it was adorable. So, I
decided to paint on it. My obsession for vintage items
grew from there. I’m particularly fond of things from
the 70’s. Recently, I started making my own frames.
Sometimes I find antique dresser mirrors and use
them for the frames. Anything that is more challenging
to use is worked on by my husband.

Artist Statement: I use seed beads, handmade papers, oils, alcohol ink, and leafing to create brightly colored art on canvas, wood, and found vintage objects. These objects include tv's, transistor radios, and clocks. If I use a frame, I make it out of wood from old houses. People smile when they see my work.
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