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raymond bock

Medium: Wood

Booth #: LS4

Artist bio: Ray BockA short history...From 1976 to 1981, I studied design and photography at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I graduated with a BA in Design.I worked in commercial photography from 1980 to 1991, first as a photographer’s assistant at Hedrich-Blessing and second as the manager of the dye transfer printing department at a commercial photo lab. What's dye transfer printing? It’s an antiquated, complicated, messy way of disassembling a color transparency and reassembling it into a color print.While in the photo biz, I had been doing furniture making as a serious hobby. As digital imaging became a serious threat to my livelihood as a printer, I began to look to woodworking/furniture making as a new occupation.In 1991, my wife and I bought an old farm outside of Viroqua Wisconsin. We left our jobs in Chicago in 1992, moved to Viroqua and set about getting the new house, barn and land under control. 24 years later, I can proudly say that it is still out of control.From 1994 to present, I exhibited and sold work at a number of national art/craft festivals. Some of the more notable ones were the American Craft Council Baltimore and St Paul shows, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, the St Louis Art Festival, the Milwaukee Lakefront Museum of Art Festival of Arts, the Cherry Creek Festival of Arts in Denver, the DesMoines Festival of Arts, and most recently, the Smithsonian craft show.I also have sold and exhibited at a number of galleries throughout the U.S.From 1992 to 2008, I designed / made custom and limited production wood furniture.Since 2008, I have been making small, architecturally inspired boxes in exotic and figured solid woods and veneers. I also have a line of elegant elliptical hardwood and veneer bowls.

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