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Richard Gruchalla & Carrin Rosetti

Medium: Ceramics

Booth #: LN28

Richard Gruchalla and Carin Rosetti are a husband and wife collaborative team making wheel-thrown and
hand-built raku fired pottery. They each bring separate skills to their finished work. Richard is an
accomplished clay worker with over fifty years experience as a professional potter. Carrin is a trained fiber
artist who brings her vision as a colorist and her exceptional skill at the presentation of fine detail to the clay
studio. Both artists contribute to the completion of almost every piece that they produce. Richard is
responsible for the wet-working of the pottery, either the wheel-working, slab construction or hand-building
of the pieces. He also does the carving of the surfaces, and fires the pieces. Carrin takes care of the detailed
glazing of the carved surfaces and consults with Richard on forms, glazes, studio output and marketing.
Pieces are sometimes passed back and forth several times before they are completed. Final embellishments
to their work include the addition of copper wire and, sometimes, metallic leaf and small wooden pegs. Their
pieces are intended to be decorative objects, but may be used, with the understanding that they are softer
than stoneware, thus more fragile, and they are food-safe, but not necessarily watertight.

Artist Statement: Contemporary colorful RAKU - Wheel-thrown &handbuilt vessels &tiles. Pieces are burnished & carved, then carefully glazed using hand brushing, airbrush, & pouring techniques. Husband throws and creates, wife glazes in collaboration together. Copper wire embellishment on each piece as a final touch.

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