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robin l. washburn

Medium: Metal

Booth #: GS6C

Artist bio: After studying visual art and making sets for community theater in high school and junior college, Robin went into food service management and made ice sculptures for banquets. He still maintains that artists should try that medium in order to let go of their work. In 1991 he and his wife moved to 20 acres of woodlands which became an inspiration for his work. The two of them have collaborated at times, but no longer do so. Over the years he has found that his favorite medium is metal, and specifically the creation of color on metal through chemical oxidation. This is called patination and it is a major aspect of his sculpture for the wall. Recently he has added texture to his work through hammering and embossing which along with the patina work creates intricate surfaces of depth and color. Robin has won some major awards for his metalwork, and enjoys the opportunity to talk with patrons at art fairs.

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