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Rocky Pardo

Medium: Jewelry

Booth #: GN40

Artist bio: Rocky Pardo Jewelry is a handcrafted collection of high-quality, mixed precious metal art jewelry. Her designs are an homage to her split roots in both Spain and the Midwest and the sky that connected the two. Her designs strike a balance between the rough and refined to create elegant pieces that are comfortable, durable, and easy to wear. Rocky hand selects each gemstone and uses recycled silver and gold as well as her own mixed precious metal alloys like a modern day alchemist.

Her love for jewelry came at an early age. Rocky Pardo started working with metal in 2006 and instantly fell in love with the material. After obtaining her BFA in Metalsmithing in 2014 she worked as a bench jeweler at a local bespoke jewelry store where she honed her fine jewelry skills. Rocky Pardo Jewelry was established in 2016 in Rocky's home studio and it is where she works today, sprinkling gold dust on everything and producing each piece by hand.

Artist Statement: I create mixed metal fine art jewelry with an emphasis on silver, gold, and the creation of my own precious metal alloys. I use a variety of techniques including hand fabrication, fusing, keum boo, alloying, reticulation, soldering, and setting to manipulate metal into wearable skyscapes.
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