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Russell Grace & Angela Kullman

Medium: Photography

Booth #: LS28

Artist bio:

Finding compelling compositions is the fun part of photography, but that is just the first step. Creating a cohesive body of work that makes sense, and elicits the emotional reactions we intend is not so straightforward. About 10 years ago my wife and I embarked on a journey to create a body of work that was based more on composition and printing techniques than digital manipulations. We decided on a particular style of alternative process monochromatic capture and developed a unique protocol of printing and presentation. This style results in prints that are softly toned, and have an antique vibe. Our intent is to include a broad range of subject matter, spanning natural, dramatic skies, rural/agricultural, urban, and pop culture themes. We employ digital work flows that extend tonal range, and do selective adjustments that improves the artistic expression we are trying to achieve. The toning occurs during the printing process. Prints are created on textured cotton rag fine art papers, are hand torn and float mounted.

Artist Statement: Tinted photographic prints on textured fine art paper captured on specialized film emulsions & filters. This body of work exhibits dramatic natural events and scenery, presented in traditional matt & frame styles. All steps in the creative process are completed entirely by the artist.

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