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sarah justice

Medium: Emerging Iowa Artist

School: Grand View University

Booth #: Coming soon.

Bio: Sarah is a recent graduate of Grand View University. She graduated with honors and obtains degrees in Art Education and Graphic Design. She is the middle school and high school teacher for Pleasantville Schools. Sarah also works as a freelance artist exploring medium of all types. Oftentimes what lures viewers into a piece of art is the feeling of hanging onto an understanding of what the art is about. Sarah prefers to take the obvious and re purpose it, de-contextualize it, and reconstruct it. Looking past the evident, observation and engagement is the subject of her working process. Many of Sarah's pieces are about identity and how one relates to their surroundings. The challenge is to see beyond the distraction of the conspicuous to capture its unique self. She wants the viewer to discover the beauty in unusual places and on occasion within themselves. Sarah's work has been seen in several exhibitions around Des Moines. She has also worked on commissions located in Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Sydney, Australia.

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