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susan luks

Medium: Fiber - Wearable

Booth #: GS16

I consider myself a fabric maker, first and foremost, with a passion for intertwining color and texture to create fine, wearable, art. I start each piece with the inside, honoring my belief that the layer that is next to your skin should be at least as good as what everyone sees on the outside. It’s my goal that the lining makes you, the wearer, feel hugged, secure, and loved. My goal for the outside is to make an announcement: This is me. Singular. Unique. And perfect.

To accomplish this, I begin with yardage of white silk and an array of jewel tone dyes to create an intense, colorful lining. Next, I choose a variety of fabrics, mixing up textures, weaves, color, pattern, and fiber content for the outside layer. At this point I’m looking for diversity: mixing smooth faced silks, rougher dupioni silks, textured silks, hand-dyed silks, corduroys, wools, rayons, textured and smooth satins, velvets, printed cottons, and cotton batiks. I scissor and piece these fabrics into a mosaic and design in the shape of a garment. I then bind the design together with a machine satin stitch. On top of that mosaic, I hand embroider a wandering design with rayon and cotton threads, adding another layer of depth to the picture. Last, I add a layer of beadwork, done with glass and semi-precious stone beads. Finally, I sew the inside to the outside and call it fine art to wear. A one of a kind. Like you.

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