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todd k fox

Medium: Sculpture

Booth #: GS23

Todd K. Fox is a native of Orlando, Florida and continues to reside and work in his home town. He taught himself the art of Raku pottery and sculpture at the age of 11, and has continues to perfect his craft. Todd derives his inspiration for his sculptures from his study of African and Caribbean cultures. His work is biographical sharing or relating to a moment of his life or event(s).
Todd evokes emotion in his sculptures using posture, position and staging, rather than a drawn or sculpted face on the piece. Posture shows emotion, emotions tell a story. His style seems simple upon first observation, then eludes to yield a much more sophisticated archetype. Todd’s works are narrative, depicting ethereal entities and presenting allegorical inclusions. These interpretations express and share journeys of past and present and are universal stories of love, joy, hope, sorrow and discovery.
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