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tom sullivan

Medium: Painting

Booth #: GS40

Tom Sullivan is a Lincoln, NE based artist with a unique style and medium. He uses ink wash, a combination of India ink and water, to paint emotional black and white images on vintage paper. The majority of the paper he paints on is at least 100 years old, whether it be old sheet music, dictionary pages, maps, book pages, etc. Through a combination of drawing and painting, Tom is able to capture lighting nuances in a dramatic fashion, turning 100-year-old paper into a new creation of beauty. Tom is drawn to several themes such as dancers, the female form, musicians, and women in grief. Tom lives with his wife Angie, and their two sons Riley and Christian. He is also an avid lover of dogs, and is surrounded by his three Great Danes Seamus, Finnegan, and Fergus at his home studio.

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