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yves goyatton

Medium: Sculpture

Booth #: GN46C

Born in Lyon, France Yves Goyatton discovered sculpture by chance in a school art class and quickly recognized it as his true calling. After finishing high school, he spent a year studying art at L’école de Condé in Lyon, France. It was then that he decided to move to the United States to pursue a new life and further his education in the Arts. With hardly any money in his pocket and just a few English words in his vocabulary, he made the quest to the U.S. After landing in New York, Yves bought himself an old, beat up Ford Escort that would take him out to California - where upon arrival, the car burst into flames. It was then that he realized this was going to be quite the adventure - to say the least. From there, Yves began courses at El Camino College in Los Angeles where he built upon his introductory knowledge of sculpture and studied English. To further develop his skills as a Sculptor, Yves earned A Sculpture Degree with Honors from Monterey Peninsula College in California.

Yves Goyatton has shown his work in museums and galleries throughout California. He has showed his work nationally and has been featured in numerous publications. He has won several awards, including “Best in Show” at the 2007 Carmel Art Festival. In 2010, Yves was juried in as a member of the Carmel Art Association, one of the oldest Artist Cooperatives in the United States and his now a member of the Los Angeles Art Association.

His current body of work represents his fascination for architectural shapes and their juxtaposition with human form. His work has taken this concept literally, combining the human form and the abstracted shapes of modern architectural landscapes. Yves’ work refers to man in an architectural, urban and social environment. “In most of my work, I combine my own sense of aesthetic and concept with the intention to generate an emotional response. Sometimes I try to raise consciousness about a subject that has touched me, or it can be the result of a process where I found satisfaction in a refined aesthetic of a piece.”

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