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interrobang film festival

The Interrobang Film Festival presented by GreenState Credit Union is three days of films and engagements with film makers. The audience - whether cinema enthusiasts or curious newcomers - can experience curated screenings from films around the globe. This year we're bringing the festival to your home!

Interrobang will be presented in real time using the Vimeo platform June 26-28. Anyone with a Smart TV, tablet, phone or other device that allows Apps can download the free app Vimeo. Additional details, show times, and interviews will be announced soon!


Best Narrative Feature: Akasha

Best Documentary Feature: Gridshock

Best Narrative Short: How to be Alone

Best Documentary Short: Ferryman at the Wall

Best Web Series Pilot: The Dropoff

2020 Trailers


Director: Hanna Volbeda
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Running Time: 01:08:29
Synopsis: Bricoleurs transform everyday objects into visionary art environments. These installations can be found out in the open space, in peoples’ backyards, in the middle of the city or surrounded by nature. They are made from bottles, cement, tires, hay bales and anything their creators could find. We visit five American bricoleurs who create big artistic landscapes using only their hands and simple tools, despite lack of money, health, time and support. The bricoleurs shape these objects into a vivid and interior language. In the film their creations come to life with poetic animations by artist Sverre Frederiksen and a vibrant soundtrack by French musician Mocke. As time passes, the future of these artworks is uncertain. They cannot survive through the efforts of a single person, it is the community that either saves or destroys their work. The film shows these visionary environments as magnets that attract people from everywhere around the world. Their testimony is an ode to dreams and imagination in a lesser known America.
Showtime: Saturday, June 27, 11:15 am (feature)

Buffalo & Trout

Director: Presley Paras
Country of Origin: United States
Running Time: 00:13:00
Synopsis: Two female drugs addicts heist a white supremacist safe house but are faced with a decision; take the cash or save a young girl's life.
Showtime: Sunday, June 28, 12:30 pm (Shorts, 4 of 4)


Director: Orson Cornick
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Running Time: 00:04:07
Synopsis: As a girl drops from the sky onto a crowded beach, a mysterious man drives at breakneck speed towards her.

CHOKER is a unique narrative take on one of the biggest challenges facing our planet. Due to its 'no dialogue' nature, it is a film that we hope will resonate with audiences around the world.

We believe that there needs to be more environmentally focused narrative fiction that will both entertain and educate in equal measure. CHOKER will be the first of a number we plan to make here in Cornwall... each with an unexpected twist.

Showtime: Sunday, June 28, 6:30 pm (Shorts, 4 of 4)


Director: Marek Gluszczak
Country of Origin: Poland
Running Time: 00:25:30
Synopsis: Timid Franek finds a new job. His task is to pretend attractive call girls and fortune tellers. This is the last chance to pay off his rent to a selfish landlord, Bronek and to have a passionate romance with his supervisor Joanna. One day the boy discovers a sad secret of his landlord.
Showtime: Sunday, June 28, 10:00 am (Student Shorts, 2 of 4)

Holodomor. Cookie

Director: Olena Maksymova
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Running Time: 00:05:44
Synopsis: Ukraine, 1933, during HOLODOMOR: the famine-genocide of Ukraine. Every day, in order to survive, the child has to travel a long way to a place where she can receive a bowl of soup. One day kids are granted a cookie. 4 years old decides to save this treat to her mom.
Showtime: Saturday, June 27, 10:00 am (Student Selection, 2 of 5)


Director: Mohsen Mehri Darouei
Country of Origin: Islamic Republic of Iran
Running Time: 00:19:41
Synopsis: Mahmoud is a very very short man about one meter tall who wishes to play a two meter instrument like a Contrabass but neither nor reaches until...
Showtime: Saturday, June 27, 10:15 pm (Shorts, 3 of 3)

The Burial

Director: Jack Meggers
Country of Origin: United States
Running Time: 00:24:55
Synopsis: A young woman discovers her Native American heritage, disturbs an ancient Indian burial mound, and must reckon with the sickness that surfaces from her poor choices.
Showtime: Saturday, June 27, 10:15 pm (Shorts, 2 of 3)

The Jump

Director: Jorge Porras Gamboa
Country of Origin: Mexico
Running Time: 01:224:20
Synopsis: A Mexican long jumper prepares to be the first of his country to reach Olympic Games with PhD studies, while recovering from injuries and poor results. For the athlete, who seeks to inspire a generation, the main challenge will be to keep the clarity of his goals when things do not go as planned, and his younger brothers follow in his footsteps in track and field.
Showtime: Friday, June 26, 11:15 am (Feature)

The Quiet

Director: Radheya Jegatheva
Country of Origin: Australia
Running Time: 00:10:00
Synopsis: When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation. The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?
Showtime: Sunday, June 28, 10:00 am (Student Selection 1 of 4)


Director: Sevgi Hirschhäuser
Country of Origin: Turkey
Running Time: 01:45:53
Synopsis: Since the death of his parents, the teenage Burak lives with his uncle Cemil and grandmother in a remote Turkish village town. They try to make a living by selling pomegranates but while the religious Cemil is satisfied to live his life in poverty, Burak struggles to leave for the city and going to university. When the grandmother gets sick, both have to make tough decisions that will change their lives.
Showtime: Sunday, June 28, 1:45 pm (Feature)


Director: Colleen Bradford Krantz
Country of Origin: United States
Running Time: 00:43:00
Synopsis: The limited series Unintended is a true-story hybrid in which an investigative journalist digs up century-old tales of unplanned pregnancies, confronting the true price of shame over the generations.
Showtime: Saturday, June 27, 3:30 pm (Episodic 1 of 2)
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