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Artist Demonstrations

Professional and emerging artists share their knowledge and passion for their work throughout the weekend with demonstrations of their work. Presented by John Deere, professional artists provide insight into a variety of medium including ceramics, painting, drawing, and mixed media.

Adam Crowell

This demonstration will showcase the musical ability of a piece created by Adam. During this demonstration guests will get to learn how the drums work and the process to create them.

Demonstration time: Friday, 11:00 am

Booth #: GS17

Alicia Velasquez

Alicia will be demonstrating Traditional Native American beadwork techniques, such as beading moccasins, or a medallion.

Demonstration time: Friday, 12:00 pm

Booth #:

Alima Sula

Alima will be showcasing her approach to creating digital art.

Demonstration time: Saturday, 12:00 pm

Booth #: EIA6

Ashley Craddock

Ashley will be demonstrating wood burning pieces; where she takes a wood burner tool to make a design piece.

Demonstration time: Saturday, 5:00 pm

Booth #: EIA4

Becca Hickok

Becca will be demonstrating the Intaglio printmaking process at the Festival. The demo will include pre-etched plates, ink wiping and technique, and some chine colle depending on the weather.

Demonstration time: Friday, 2:00 pm

Booth #: EIA1

Cali Hobgood

Black and White Film Photography, An Introduction (or Refresher). Cali will demonstrate the basics of 35 mm film photography - loading the film, using the camera, and developing the film with the final result being 35 mm negatives.

Demonstration time:
Saturday, 2:00 pm

Booth #: LN25C

Deborahmae Broad

Deborahmae will be demonstrating Wood engraving on end grain maple. The demonstration will show how to draw and cut an image on the block and how to roll ink onto it to make each original print. Deborahmae will also show the various tools used and hand out lists of where to get all supplies for making a wood engraving.

Demonstration time: Sunday 11:00 am

Booth #: GN41C

Gedion Nyanhongo

Gedion will be working on a piece that has already been started by chiseling and filing.

Demonstration time: Saturday, 1:00 pm

Booth #: LN1C

Glenn Woods & Keith Herbrand

Glenn and Keith will be throwing a couple of pots on their potters wheel.
Glenn says "Adults like to watch this demonstration but when I did this demonstration last year, I was most impressed with how the children interacted with the potter - it was less about my technique as an artist and more about the magic of watching a ball of clay turn into something right before their eyes - I encouraged them to touch the clay, to alter the form - parents were also taken by their children's fascination."

Demonstration time: Sunday, 1:00 pm

Booth #: LS6C

Haleigh Anderson

Haleigh will demonstrate how to set up a foundation for paintings with an under paint and charcoal sketch. This demonstration will showcase a plain air painting of the Festival itself from where Haleigh is located.

Demonstration time: Saturday, 11:00 am

Booth #: EIA5

Jaana Mattson

Jaana will be demonstrating needle felted landscapes; a dry-felting technique anchoring dyed roving with a notched needle until the image becomes fabric. Based on Jaana introductory workshops and tutorials outlined in the book "Jaana Mattson's Landscapes in Wool: the Art of Needle Felting"

Demonstration time: Sunday, 2:00 pm

Booth #: LN7

Kayana Janay

Kayana Janay will be demonstrating her process of free form hand painting.

Demonstration time: Friday, 3:00 pm

Booth #: EIA2

Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey will be demonstrating botanical watercolor painting.

Demonstration time: Sunday, 12:00 pm

Booth #: GS38

Lawrence Packard

Lawrence will be demonstrating pen and ink drawing techniques. The demonstration shows Lawrence's unique layering style that was developed over 54 years of working with pen and ink.

Demonstration time: Friday, 1:00 pm

Booth #:

Luke Schuster

Luke will be showing how to paint an abstract face with a palette knife and oil paints.

Demonstration time: Saturday, 4:00 pm

Booth #: EIA7

Megan Rohr

Megan will be sharing a video of her laser engraving process.

Demonstration time:
Sunday, 3:00 pm

Booth #: EIA3

Richard Gruchalla & Carrin Rosetti

Richard and Carrin will be demonstrating wheel throwing pottery techniques.

Demonstration time: Saturday, 3:00 pm

Booth #: LN28
11:00 am - Adam Crowell - Booth: GS17
12:00 pm - Alicia Velasquez - Booth: GN9
1:00 pm - Lawrence Packard - Booth: LN38
2:00 pm - Becca Hickok - Booth: EIA1
3:00 pm - Kayana Janay - Booth: EIA2

11:00 am - Haleigh Anderson - Booth: EIA5
12:00 pm - Alima Sula - Booth: EIA6
1:00 pm - Gedion Nyanhongo - Booth: LN1C
2:00 pm - Cali Hobgood - LN25C
3:00 pm - Richard Gruchalla & Carrin Rosetti - Booth: LN28
4:00 pm - Luke Schuster - Booth: EIA7
5:00 pm - Ashley Craddock - Booth: EIA4

11:00 am - Deborahmae Broad - Booth: GN41C
12:00 pm - Kelsey Wilson - Booth: GS38
1:00 pm - Glenn Woods & Keith Herbrand - Booth: LS6C
2:00 pm - Jaana Mattson - Booth: LN7
3:00 pm - Megan Rohr - Booth: EIA3

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