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2020 Food Vendor Inquiry

If you are a Food Vendor and would like to be considered for participation in the 2020 Des Moines Arts Festival, June 26-28, please submit your information using the form below. An email will be sent when the Food Vendor application process opens for 2020 submissions (early January, 2020). Selected vendors will be notified mid-March.

Please review the following operation requirements:
-For safety and aesthetic purposes, the Des Moines Arts Festival will provide vendors in the East and West Food Courts (excluding food truck/trailer) with a 10x10 tent, tent sides, weights, table, chairs, tent light, a serving counter, menu boards and vendor name boards. Vendors selected as stand-alone booths are “sweets and treats” vendors and may utilize their own tents if approved by DMAF.
PLEASE NOTE: Stand-alone vendors who bring their own tents are not permitted to use light-weight, accordion-style, pop-up tents. All tents must be weighted properly with a minimum of 40lbs of weight on each tent leg. This helps ensure the highest degree of safety to the food vendor, their neighbor, and Festival guests. Do NOT rely on us to provide sandbags. The proper tent with the proper weights is entirely the responsibility of the food vendor. Severe weather can hit at any time. The Fire Department will inspect weights on the tents at set up. The DMAF staff will not place their lives at risk to secure a tent.

-To maintain DMAF aesthetics, concession trailers are not allowed. If your concession trailer can break down to look like a food truck/trailer, please note in application.

-Booth placement is at the sole discretion of the Des Moines Arts Festival.

-All food vendors are required to use compostable materials to serve food and beverages. All items must be purchased through Iowa-Des Moines Supply (DMAF will provide you contact information). This ensures the lowest price for you and eliminates confusion for guests when disposing of waste.

-Uniquely branded containers and refillable cups are not allowed at DMAF regardless if they're compostable.

-Storage on-site: you will have 4'x10' feet of storage behind your booth. Items in that space must not spill onto the sidewalk or outside of that space, if they do you will be asked to leave the site. If your items exceed this space, consider purchasing a 6'x10' grill space for additional storage.
- There are two refrigerator trucks available for your storage use on-site. You are responsible for those items.
- Each food court will have water accessibility
- Each food court will have oil waste and waste waster disposal available
- Each booth will include a landfill and compost bin including bags

-DMAF manages the following beverages on-site: water, soda, beer/wine/spirits. Vendors are not allowed to sell any of the items listed.

-Menu items are limited to six (including food and specialty beverage).

-Food vendors have the opportunity to reach 1,000-2,000 transactions on Friday and Saturday and 500-1,000 on Sunday. Please make sure you are capable to serve at that capacity and speed.

-Selected food vendors are required to attend one of two Food Vendor Meetings. We offer a conference call meeting for our out of state vendors.

-Food Truck/Trailer/Booth (Food Only): $1,950
-Specialty Beverage Truck/Trailer/Booth (Beverage Only): $1,950
-Food Truck/Trailer/Booth with Food and Speciality Beverage: $2,450
-Grill Space: $500 (6'x10')
-Additional Storage Space (optional): $500 (6'x10')
-Electricity Fee: $40
-Clean up deposit: $500 (send check to Des Moines Arts Festival)
Split payment options are available.

To be notified when 2020 online applications are available, please complete the form below:

Type of Food Vendor

2019 Culinary Experience

The Des Moines Arts Festival (DMAF) prides our food vending operations on aesthetic appeal and menu selection across the site, including two food courts and a handful of stand-alone booths. We offer our guests an eclectic variety of food to hit every taste bud. Our Food Vendors are also leading the charge in sustainability efforts by using all compostable serving materials for the over 200,000 guests who visit the DMAF each year.

East Food Court

Sponsored by GreenState Credit Union
Located on Locust, in between 12th & 10th Street

All Star Catering
A fan favorite for over 20 years, All Star Catering offers classic American foods along with Mediterranean flavors. Their wide variety of menu items include: cheese curds, corn dogs, mini donuts, fries, gyros, and chicken pitas.

Blue Thai
Enjoy a wide variety of authentic Thai food from Blue Thai. Unique and delicious flavor combinations can be found among the menu. Menu items include: a chicken pad Thai bowl, a chicken fried rice bowl, regular or avocado crab rangoons, deep fried chicken potstickers, deep fried meatballs on a stick, and pork or vegetable eggrolls.

Café Fuzion
Fuses local ingredients with exciting Southeast Asian spices. Menu items include: chicken Hawaiian fried rice combo, shanghai noodle combo, Teriyaki chicken combo, egg rolls, and crab rangoons.

Dumpling Darling
Fun, one-of-kind dumplings and so much more can be from at Dumpling Darling. Menu items include: steamed or fried dumplings, sweet potato noodles, a Korean BBQ plate, Kimchi fried rice, and edamame.

International Foods
Let your taste buds travel around the world at International Foods. Menu items include: Maryland crab cake, Spanish paella, brochette, Greek salads, char-coaled platters, and grilled chicken wraps.

Pacific Rim Noodles
Pacific flavors can be found here in the form of noodle bowls. Menu items include: a veggie noodle bowl and a veggie noddle bowl with chicken.

Roadside Tacos
Street tacos to make you drool!

Scimeca’s Italian Sausage
Your stop for all things Italian sausage! Menu items include: ½ lb. Italian sausage with peppers and onions and a jumbo beef hot dogs.

A staple in Des Moines with family recipes and quality Italian food. Menu items include: pizza, grinders, meatball sandwiches, Wanda’s Quantis, and Love Knots.

Sugar Daddy’s Lemonade
Freshly squeezed lemonade, limeade, cherry lemonade, and cherry limeade for a warm summer’s day.

Taqueria 3 Hermanos
Freshly made tortillas and fresh flavors are what you’ll find here! Menu items include: tacos, burritos, and mangoes on a stick.

Tiki Grill
Fun menu items and a variety of flavors! Menu items include: Puka dogs, blooming onions, garbage fries, funnel cakes, and butterfly potato chips.

Yannis Grill
Delicious Mediterranean gyros! Menu items include: lamb, steak, or chicken gyros, chicken on a stick, homemade tiramisu, and homemade cannoli.

West Food Court

Located on 15th Street in between Locust Street and Grand Avenue.

Caribbean Kitchen
Caribbean cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. Menu items include: Caribbean Cubano sandwiches, chicken and sausage gumbo, Jamaican beef patties, jerk chicken rice bowls, and jerk pork or mango chicken rice bowls.

Curbin’ Cuisine
A wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, and even a fun summer drink can be found here. Menu items include: Thai chicken crunch wraps, Bulgogi beef wraps, Jamaican jerk chicken sandwiches, chicken bacon ranch wraps, and watermelon limeade.

Greek Flame Foods
Mediterranean food lovers, this is the place for you! Menu items include: gyros, Grecian sample platters, artichoke veggie platters, Pescatorre platters, and Greek salads.

Grumpy J’s Gourmet Sliders
A delicious variety of meaty sliders. Menu items include: steak burger sliders, cheesesteak sliders, grilled chicken sliders, fireball BBQ pork sliders, BBQ baked beans, and jackfruit sliders (vegetarian!).

Hotsy Totsy
Hot delicious tots with fun flavor combinations can be found here! Menu items include: BBQ pork brisket tots, buffalo chicken tots, truffle tots, loaded baked potato tots, nacho momma tots, and cheesy tots.

Kona Ice of Ames and Ankeny
They describe themselves as a tropical escape in the form of a food truck! With endless flavor possibilities, Kona Ice is the place to go to get one-of-a-kind shaved ice.

Mamma’s Tacos
Home-cooked, classic Mexican cuisine! Menu items include: deep fried flour tacos, deep fried cheese tacos, deep fried bean tacos, and Mamma Nachos.

Mema’s Italian Grinders
A wide variety of Italian sandwiches can be found here! Menu items include: the Mema grinder, three cheese meatball mema sandwich, hot sausage sandwich, chicken parmesan sandwich, Italian ham and cheese thinly, and cheese ravioli.

Classic and delicious Asian flavors. Menu items include: eggrolls, spring rolls, crab rangoons, chicken fried rice, beef fried rice, and bubble tea.

Otte’s Concessions
Otte’s Concessions offers everyone’s guilty pleasure, classic American Festival treats. Menu items include: hand dipped corn dogs, funnel cakes, fresh cut fries, cheese curds, and lemonade.

The Big Red Food Truck
Do you like seafood and tacos? This is the perfect stop for you! Menu items include: Boom Boom shrimp tacos, BRT fabulous fish tacos, Jamaican jerk grilled fish tacos, fried tacos, jumbo walking taco boats, and cinnamon caramel bites.

Sweets & Treats around the Festival

Straight from the 2018 Iowa State Fair favorite new food, Applishus is bringing their apple eggroll and classic slush.

Baja Smoothies
With the stand overflowing with fresh produce, this is the place to go for a fresh smoothie made right in front of you!

Gingers Lemonade & Coffee
Enjoy freshly squeezed lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and cold brew coffee. Ginger's is a family run business in memory of their son, Nicholas nicknamed 'Ginger'.

Otte’s Kettle Korn
Kettle Korn will always be a fan favorite! Otte's even has large bags for those that can't get enough of the perfect sweet and salty combination.

The Sweet Spot
Offering freshly cut, chocolate drizzled, fruit kabobs as a healthy amazing alternative to typical heavy fair food.

Over the Top Ice Cream
Over the Top is a must in order to enjoy a variety of homemade flavors from this family owned and operated ice cream stand. Menu items include an ice cream taco sundae and double scoops for all ice cream lovers.

The Outside Scoop
The Outside Scoop is unique with their Pink Ice Cream truck and fun flavors. Their exciting flavors include: Dutch letter, fruity pebble, salted dark chocolate brownie, lavender lemon crunch, cantaloupe, vanilla, and a vegan cucumber mint sorbet.

Delicious homemade cookies with ice cream smashed in the middle, what could be better? Make sure to try the snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich, it's Great-Grandma Thelma's original recipe!

On-Site Beverages

Diet Coke
Gold Peak Tea
Body Armor Peach Mango Lyte
Dasani Water

Canned Beer
Stella Artois
Michelob Ultra
Sam Adams IPA
Angry Orchard Cider
Truly Wild Berry

All Tents Draft
One-Eyed Red
Grapefruit Rattler

Vinho Verde
Vinho Verde Rose Rosé
Sangria Rosa

Petrov Vodkin Lemonade
Frida Margarita
Franciscan Punch

West Beverage Draft Beers
CabCo One Eye Red
CabCo Grapefruit Rattler
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA
Sam Adams Summer Ale
West O Shandy
Big Grove Wheat
Fishback & Stephenson Cider Coyote Verde
Single Speed Tip the Cow
Back Pocket Pucker Up

Iowa Craft Beer Tent

Gold Coin

Big Grove

Beatnik Sour
Lemon Trail

Fenders Brewing
¡Brumoso Loco!

Juice Factory

West O
CocO Stout

Des Moines IPA
South Side
Farmer Johns

Aloha Iowa

Rooks Breakfast Porter

Keg Creek

Johns White

Peace Tree
Mile Long

Fishback & Stephenson
First Crush


Court Avenue
One Eyed Red
Sassy Saison
Grapefruit Radler
Root Beer

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