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Kristin Schillaci


Santa Fe, NM





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Artist Bio

Kristin Connolly Schillaci is a documentary fine art photographer. She received her BA from Grand Valley State University in 2005. Kristin makes photographs with a 1970’s Medium Format Bronica. She feels strongly connected to the history of the medium by capturing images on analog slide film. Kristin personally prints, mats, and frames all of her archival pigment prints in her studio in Santa Fe.

The photographs in ‘Just Passing Thru' are deceptive. Initially you are welcomed by vibrant color and familiar imagery. Looking closer reveals a melancholy solitude. Kristin is drawn to these images because of their mystery. She finds the untold stories of these forgotten places fascinating. There are no portraits in this series. The work is about those who have come and gone, not those who still remain. There are also humorous and optimistic elements to the work, offsetting the often-overbearing weight of history. When all else is lost, photographs survive, leaving us nostalgic, bittersweet as it may be. ‘Just Passing Thru' confronts the inevitable passing of time, and the losses we all suffer as humans.

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