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Jeanne Akita


North Richland Hills, TX


Fiber - Non-Wearable




Coming soon

Artist Bio

I'm Jeanne Akita, a fiber artist who specializes in creating decorative and functional fiber art using ancient felting techniques. My artistic journey is a fusion of my love for nature's intricate beauty, my background in classic arts like oil painting and drawing, and my passion for sculptural fiber art. Each of my pieces is a one-of-a-kind creation meticulously crafted using only hand agitation, soap, water, and hand-selected sustainable loose fibers. These fibers include sheep wool, silk cocoons, flax, and raw lamb's fleece sourced from local farms. To achieve the rich textures and patterns in my art, I layer and shape these diverse fibers, each with its own unique properties. After felting, I apply the shibori dye method to the piece, using non-toxic or plant-based dyes, and then add the final touches by hand-painting with a brush. My main artistic intention is to capture the essence of micro details and textures while prioritizing sustainability throughout the entire creative process, from materials to techniques. For me, fiber felting is a harmonious blend of fine art and craft, combining elements of sculpture and painting with the functionality of art. This allows me to explore limitless possibilities and transform even the most imaginative ideas into tangible creations. My work reflects a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and a commitment to preserving it through sustainable artistry.

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