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Lori Betz


Porter, TX





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Artist Bio

My primary aspiration is to create art that not only captivates through its beauty but also uplifts the spirits of those who engage with it. When I cast, forge, and weld bronze, I am not merely shaping metal; I am weaving stories, capturing emotions, and celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

I studied studio art and design at the University of Texas, Austin. I was then awarded an artist's residency at the Shigaraki Cultural Institute, in Shigaraki, Japan. After I completed my residency, I sought out instructors to study with and this led me to apprentice with artist Alan Bain in Procopia, Greece. Then on to study sculpture with artist Alex Deya in Cortona, Italy, and portraiture with renown portrait artist, Philippe Faraut in New York. I have experience with all types of mold making and casting, having worked in a sculpture foundry for two years and then operating my own sculpture foundry over the last twelve years. Betz Art Foundry is one of the only woman owned bronze foundries in the U.S. I have successfully completed a large range of private and commercial commissions. I teach portraiture and figurative sculpture at the Glade Arts Foundation, and the principals of casting and sculpture at the Betz Art Foundry. I am currently on the board of the Texas Sculpture Society helping artist grow their opportunities .

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