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Shawn Thomas


Belton, TX


Fiber - Wearable


Coming Soon

Artist Bio

I am a second generation leather smith and have worked with leather and art fairs all my life. Here are some of the art fairs where I have been an exhibitor.
3 Smithsonian Craft Fairs D.C., 3 Cherry Creeks Denver, 6 Long's Park, 2 ACE(Chicago), 12 Main Streets(Fort Worth), 10 Ann Arbor Summer Fairs, 3 Coconut Groves Florida, 4 Winter Parks Florida, etc. etc.
I've learned to use the oldest of leather working techniques, as well as the use of contemporary design, CAD, laser cutting and laser etching. These skills sometimes allow me to build products that have never been possible in the history of the oldest craft.

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