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William Armstrong


Santa Fe, NM


Mixed Media


Coming Soon

Artist Bio

Since 2002, Will Armstrong has spent ten to twenty weekends per year on the road; bouncing between gallery openings, festivals and his studio. He has steadily racked up over half a million miles on his vertebrae and on a rotating cast of trusted (though admittedly abused) vehicles through those years.

Will’s work is the soundtrack to a road trip; songs and artists are embedded on the towns they made famous. Bo Diddley, Johnny Cash and Deke Dickerson are as much as an influence as Frank Miller and Heinrich Kley. The lines of the road have become indistinguishable from the lines of the pen; just as the subject from location.

Will considers his work to be drawing, as each line is created by hand using a series of pens, and Chinese lettering quills. He works on a collage of vintage maps, show posters and sheet music.

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