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Karina Llergo


Northbrook, IL




Coming Soon

Artist Bio

Karina Llergo was born and raised in Mexico City, where her roots intertwine with Mexican, Armenian, and Spanish heritage. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and postgraduate diplomas in Multimedia, Animation, Abstract Art, and Portraiture, she embarked on a successful corporate journey. Notably, she served as the art director for Mexico City's premier newspaper “Reforma", winning several international awards and contributing to global campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola and Revlon at the McCann Erickson advertising agency.

In 2007, Karina transitioned to a full-time art career, relocating to Chicago. Since then, her work has earned widespread acclaim, with numerous awards at prestigious art shows across the United States. Her paintings reflect her intense study and passionate interest in human figures. As a lifelong dancer, competitive swimmer, and yoga practitioner, she found herself drawn to depicting the energy of the human body in motion and the inner soul, interweaving elements of air, water, and dance. Karina's talent for figurative painting and creative imagination translates into thought-provoking art of breathtaking beauty and inspirational emotions.

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