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Nichole Collins


Lawrence, KS




Coming soon

Artist Bio

I am a metalsmith, jewelry designer, and artist. At a young age, I began to explore various mediums of visual art. It wasn't until a metalsmithing class at the University of Kansas that I discovered my real passion. During my last semester at KU, I had the honor of studying at Lahti Polytechnic Institute of Design and Fine Arts in Lahti, Finland. There, I had the experience of a lifetime that continues to influence my work to this day. I would go on to receive my BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from KU in 2006. Since graduating, I have had the privilege to gain inspiration from continued travel and am happy to call Lawrence, Kansas my home.

Traveling across the country, I have exhibited my jewelry in hundreds of art fairs. It is an exciting time of year, with adventures around every bend. I have gone from Portland to the Florida Keys, from the upper peninsula of Michigan down to the sunny skies of Houston. Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, have been some of the sites of my journey. It is a nomadic lifestyle that has filled my life with cherished memories; a life I am proud to be living. My business has given me the world and the freedom to travel it.

I am dedicated to making unique jewelry. All of my work is handmade, giving each item individual attention, so no one piece is exactly the same.

I draw my designs from life around me. Made to last, I work hard to make sure that my pieces are as durable as they are timeless. It is important to me that my customers are able to purchase my jewelry with a clean conscience. All materials and stones are ethically sourced with the utmost care, focusing on both an environmental and humane impact.

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