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Angelika Ejtel


Garland, TX


Photography, Digital


Coming Soon

Artist Bio

Angelika Ejtel (alias RapidHeartMovement) was born and raised in Poland. She graduated in Romance Philology; later, she accomplished her Ph.D. studies in Modern Philology.

She has been always passionate about the beauty of words, poetry, and profoundly moved by arts. Most of her work is inspired by the poetry of a famous Polish poet- H. Poswiatowska. In 2013, Angelika published her first portfolio in “Arte Fotogràfica”, and in 2015, she held her first art exhibit in Toulouse, France as a winner of Young Talent competition.

The love for Poswiatowska’s poetry and photography soon blossomed into a passionate journey into art and self as she uses herself as a subject for her images. Angelika’s photographs have been featured in exhibitions and publications throughout the country as well as internationally.

It must be stressed that all of her pursuits in photography so far, are self-taught, purely intuitive and deeply-rooted in linguistic theories of cohesion in text.

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