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Andres Arango


Miami, FL 


Fiber - Wearable




Coming Soon

Artist Bio

27 years ago, a friend had a supply store for making leather accessories. He already knew that I was a creative person and that I was always doing work by hand. He called me to go see a new line of leather, brooches, and hardware that It had arrived. Seeing all this awakened my passion for leather. Its smell, texture, and colors were what it was like to see when a child arrives in a candy store. Now it's a problem. How to carry everything I wanted, at that time I was studying as an industrial engineer but my friend, seeing how my eyes shone and knowing that I would come back for more, simply told me "take it, make some good bags, sell them and then pay me,”like this It all started selling among acquaintances as a Hobby. After a while my wife (Sulay) changed cities and decided to make a Hobby a real business, I started selling at a local market every Sunday, distributing in stores until opening my own store. That was where I met an artisan who told me about the world of art shows, he explained the basics to me but this was my beginning, my first South Miami show. From the events, from the cities of the people, everything nourishes my inspiration to do my work with a common thread of symmetrical shapes and try to innovate and always improve this is a job that has no end.

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