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Brian Keller


Denver, CO





Artist Bio: "I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Bowling Green State University of Ohio in 1971, and completed my formal education with a Master’s Degree in 1975. An intense love of nature and the wilderness drew me West in 1976, and eventually to Denver, where I made my home.

The clear, dry air of the West revealed the subjects I wished to paint in a kind of light I could only have previously heard about. I learned from firsthand observation the richness of reflected light and how it can add dimension, color and life to the subject.

In 1991, influenced by the art of Andrew Wyeth, I began to work with egg tempera. Egg tempera is especially suited for detail work like mine. It goes down smooth as silk and dries almost immediately, without smearing other layers of paint. I am as fascinated as ever with light; now I am able to capture it on intricate subjects that were beyond my reach in transparent watercolor."

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