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Colleen Williams


Chattanooga, TN 





Artist Bio: Colleen Williams, a New Jersey native, has been involved in art-making since a very early age. Sewing by age four, designing posters and surface design printing on a variety of forms throughout high school, constructing with craft media and fine art painting during college, she majored in environmental design/architecture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After completing her studies with a BS in Architectural Studies, she was introduced to the ceramic medium and soon founded her award- winning line of porcelain jewelry, a collection entitled "Local Texture". Collected by women worldwide, she has exhibited at many of the nation's most prestigious fine art shows throughout the US, at galleries and museum shops. Several years ago, Colleen began to develop larger, decorative and sculptural forms in porcelain which combine her love of architectural form and surface design. Her work in clay has been awarded the Martha Boschen Porter grant by the Berkshire-Taconic Foundation and was included in the feature article "From Idea to Finished Form" in Ceramics Monthly Magazine. These recent works have also garnered "Best of Show" and "Best of Ceramics" awards at several of the nation's finest art festivals. Colleen maintains a surface design studio at St. Andrews Center and a ceramic studio at ClearStory Arts, both located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Chattanooga, TN.

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