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Ella Richards


New York, NY 


Mixed Media


Coming soon

Artist Bio

I don't think art needs to be concealed, elite, or require an explanation. Art is in and is appreciated by every person on the planet. I want my art to touch peoples’ hearts, to make them curious, and to ignite conversations. Life is busy and it sure goes fast. Everything day we dream about something big. Focusing on the big things we overlook the modest and quiet moments which are truly important. Life is not measured by time but by the seemingly insignificant everyday moments which begin and end in a instant. I try to savor these little moments through my art.

Two colors and simple lines give me to ability to create my art. My tools are simple, black paper, watercolor paper, micro-scissors, and a glue pen. My process begins with an original drawing which I cut out of black paper using a scissors. Sometimes a piece will be intricate a single cut which takes a month to cut and sometimes the image is a collage of black assembled cut outs assembled into the image.

Why not draw with paper? My tiny cuticle scissors is my brush and black paper is my ink. My original drawings are cut out then glued to watercolor paper. I like the minimalist contrast of black and white. My subjects come from my life in NYC and my travels across the country for art shows.

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