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Erica Iman


Kansas City, MO




GS36 & GS37

"Erica Iman is a sculptor, painter, and designer working primarily in clay and raw earth materials with forms based in geology and fragmented landscapes.
In 2005, between earning her BFA, BSE, and MFA degrees, she served 2 years in the U.S. Peace Corps on the Eastern Steppe of Mongolia teaching English and Gardening while exploring the Gobi desert and Altai Mountains. In 2007, she was a selected participant in the International Workshop for Ceramic Arts in Tokoname, (IWCAT) Japan program, spending the summer studying contemporary and ancient Japanese pottery and culture.
Erica is currently a studio artist in Kansas City, MO, is a founding member of the KC Urban Potters, and an Artist Inc. facilitator. She has taught in various schools and art centers, is currently showing at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art and will be part of an upcoming show at Direktorenhaus Art Museum in Berlin."

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