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Gedion Nyanhongo


Fostoria, OH





"Stone sculptor Gedion Nyanhongo was born into an artistic family on December 22, 1967 in Nyanga, Zimbabwe, Africa. He was influenced from a very young age by his father, Claud Nyanhongo, a prominent artist among the ""first generation"" sculptors, the pioneers of the Shona Sculpture Movement (sculpture unique to Zimbabwe) that began in the late 1950s. 
"I used to watch my father sculpt when I grew up, and although I was young, I remember loving it and knowing that sculpting was what I wanted to do.""   
After an apprenticeship with the internationally acclaimed sculptor Joseph Ndandarika (also a first generation sculptor of the Movement), Gedion embarked on a solo career in 1988, where his vision and technical skills have earned him international recognition as a sculptor of excellence. 
Over the years Gedion has become even more discerning in creating sculptures that move the Movement forward into the 21st century, whilst maintaining a bridge reaching back to the rich stories and culture of his ancestors. 
Gedion’s sculptures have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, sculpture gardens and walks and in private & business collections around the world.
Gedion lives in Fostoria, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona where he has studios in both."

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