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Glenn Woods & Keith Herbrand


Palm Harbor, FL





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Artist Bio

My journey with clay began in high school in 1974 but I didn't decide to make it my full time career until 2001. My work is influenced by elements of nature, using patterns and forms that resemble flowers and gourds. I use a fine porcelain clay to create my forms and then they are altered, beaded, carved, or sometimes left with a simple clean form, which allows the glaze to become the focus. I finish my work with a crystalline glaze, producing a brilliant surface with highly reflective crystalline structures in the glaze. I formulate some of my glazes to produce a beautiful silky matte surface, which gives more voice to the form, beaded patterns, and alterations.

Glenn Woods and Keith Herbrand work together to create a cohesive body of decorative and functional crystalline glazed porcelain pottery.

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