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Gustavo Castillo


Port Saint Lucie, FL 






Coming May 2023

Artist Bio: Some 40 years ago my life started to make a change that I was not aware about, I was dating that girl that was to become my wife later. At the time I had finished my training as a Commercial pilot and had a few jobs here and there,,. She was becoming an architect , going to the university in my home town Barranquilla in Colombia , Years before in 1973 she had arrived from Santiago de Chile leaving her country during those hard political events.

But as she was going to the Architect University, She was also getting more an more interest in painting,, and I remember for ever that room in her house dedicated to her studies and to her paintings , there where tables and paper and tools for drafting ,, and then her hands working so fast over the paper , never giving a chance for a doubt .

Then there was that magical day when she suggested to me , " here is some paper and some tubes of paint, would you like to tried," so I did.. after a little while she said " you must mix the pigment with water" ,,, ja I did not know what watercolor was, so I was using them as oils, straight out from the tubes .....

Of coarse my Carmen and my mother where the only fans of my " paintings ",, telling me how pretty they were ,, but that was the beginning of this beautiful adventure . It was never force or plan to be a way of living, it came day by day, naturally ,, being part of us , learning always , I still like to pass her approval before a painting comes out,, and still snick in her studio to see how she is getting some interesting colors on her palette ,,,,,, and I do not want to change that for nothing ,,

We move to the USA in 1986 and with the help of many wonderful people we where able to become full time painters and continue with our dream.

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