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Hilary Hachey


Baltimore, MD 





A born artist, I really found my niche when I picked up my first saw frame. It felt like I had the knowledge all along, but not the tools. When I was introduced to metalsmithing at The Maryland Institute College of Art it just made sense. Through years of study, apprenticeships, and benchwork I have honed my skills as a metalsmith and developed the aesthetic I bring to you today.
My minimalist designs are hand-fabricated in sterling silver and 18k gold. I begin with sheet, wire, and tubing which I saw, solder, forge and form to build the architecturally inspired works ruminating in my mind. My design is heavily influenced by line. I see the world through the lines that comprise it.

Like all artists, I can only imagine a life where I soak up the world around me and reinterpret it through my chosen medium. I love the process of building a piece, the care that goes into each soldered joint, each hammered texture, each sanded stroke so I can bring to you something to be cherished.

In 2015, I was honored to be recognized by the Maryland State Arts Council with an Individual Artist Award and in 2018 as a Master Artisan by The Pennsylvania Guild Of Craftsmen. I live and work in Baltimore City, but you can find me exhibiting at festivals from coast to coast as well as showing in independent galleries.

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