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Karin Connolly


Orlando, FL





Artist Bio: When shooting in nature, I am constantly searching for that perfect moment where all the elements of light, landscape and timing come together to form a single wonderful instant. I try to capture images that reveal the mood of an area rather than just record an image that describes an area. This usually requires visiting the same location time and again, allowing myself to be completely immersed in the surroundings. The more I go back to a place, the better I am at creating photographs that truly reveal the essence of where I’ve been. Though motion, color, and imagination, my ""Waterscapes"" series bring the viewer to a more ethereal world. Not a literal world, but one meant to peruse and contemplate. These photographs gravitate toward elements that play with perceptions of focus using long exposures to capture the emotion of the place rather than creating a literal representation of the scene. The images are shot in color, and later converted to black then selectively toned using some of the existing color. I then print everything myself in my home studio so I have complete control over the entire process.

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