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Kreg Yingst


Pensacola, FL 






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Artist Bio

I work in the traditional ancient printmaking medium known as block printing. This 2000-year-old method of creating a picture begins with transferring the mirror image of my design to a block of wood (or other material), carving away the negative space (with various shaped gouges), inking the surface, placing a sheet of paper on top and burnishing the back of it. On many of my prints I also use an antique proof press. Colors are achieved by using multiple blocks which require additional layered pressings, or they are individually hand-painted with watercolor.

I’m often inspired by narrative: story and poetry. In addition, I enjoy researching people, places, history, and cultures—traveling physically or through reading, and allowing these mental images to form the basis of my ideas.

Artist Bio: The intersection of art, history and culture remains at the center of my work. Researching the people, stories, and lyrics of songwriters and musicians is paramount to the compositions that develop through the use of text and image. From the early Fathers of the Delta blues, up through to the rock & rollers they spawned, this ancient form of printmaking—the woodcut—is used to visually capture a time and place that continues to be embedded in America’s historical soundtrack and beyond.

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