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Leslie Friedman


Arlington, TX 





Artist Bio: "My glasswork is an expression of the beauty of nature in its many organic forms and the celebration of color. My passion for abstract expressionistic glasswork is rooted in over 35 years of design and experimentation in a wide variety of art mediums. After I retired from the corporate interior design world, I gravitated to glass 20 years ago and it is an ever-evolving challenge with each piece I create. The beauty of glass in color, texture and depth inspires me to continue to push the limits of what can be created within this medium. I continue to create thick slabs of glass that have depth and texture by combining sheet glass, glass paint, glass frit and stringers. I compose each piece face down by layering pre-fired components into multiple layers of transparent and opaque glass. With each finished piece I am always surprised when I take it out of the kiln. The beauty of nature inspires me to continue on this amazing path, to learn more, to create more, and to become a better artist."

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