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Luke Hubbard


Ankeny, IA 







Luke grew up in Dallas Center and graduated for the University of Northern Iowa. He currently resides in Ankeny with his wife Jennifer and two children, Mia and Zachary. The couple purchased a new home years ago that had a lot of blank wall space. So Luke set about making paintings to fill those walls.

Indeed, much of Luke’s work is very emotional. In brushes, painting knives and canvas he can just cut loose and give form to pure energy and aggression. As his paintings progressed Luke decided to step away from using paint brushes and work with painters knives. The knives give his paintings depth and texture. When he’s painting, he seeks balance in color, shape and lines. He’ll work (and rework) some canvases over and over again until he’s sure the feeling is right for the moment. In those bursts, when everything seems to flow, the paints have minds of their own, guiding Luke, instead of the other way around. That other people seem to get a kick out of those colors and lines adds immeasurably to his joy

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