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Penny Dobson


Northport, AL 


Mixed Media


Coming May 2023

Artist Bio: I have known I was an artist since I was 10. I knew I wanted to have a career in art, but didn’t know what It would be until I entered high school. My art teacher in the 9th grade inspired me to want to teach. I retired from Teaching in 2020, moved to Alabama,and now get to be a full time artist.

It was a good move! I thought when I retired I would work normal hours on my art. However, I find myself working 12 hour days because I just want to keep creating!

I’ve been making art and taking it to art shows for almost 26 years now. I am considered a mixed media artist because I don’t use just one medium. I always use oils, however. I also use seed beads, gold leaf, alcohol ink, and handmade papers.

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